Civil communication


BII Technology Development Co., Ltd., the subsidy of BII Technology Holdings(hereinafter referred to “BII Technology”), as the project investment main unit of civil communication system of Beijing Metro, entrusted construction management unit to complete metro civil communication and relevant supporting facilities construction work to ensure that the mobile phone signal can achieve simultaneous covering when the subway line is open to traffic; at the same time, it entrusted the operation and maintenance units to complete the daily maintenance work of civil communication equipment of the operating lines to ensure the stable operation of the system. Civil communication business division is responsible for promoting the completion of civil communication project investment construction, expansion of the scope of resource management development, improvement of the operation and maintenance management and strives to achieve the project profit and profit indicators to drive the sustainable development of the company.

In 2018, the company had19metro lines, civilian communications transmission system assets of 197 stations and achieved business income of 110 million yuan.

In the future, the civil communication business department will continue to carry out diversified business exploration, give full play to the characteristics of subway-based fiber-optic resources, wide coverage to vigorously expand the integrated service module of fiber. In the appropriate time in the future, we plan to carry out the Internet application level business and adopt the expansion strategy of trial followed by promotion. In the context of the information age, with the "smart city" action plan, the subway civil communication project opens up the subway information industry value chain links and strives to build a comprehensive, intelligent, high-quality data platform, provide subway mobile communication information transmission services to create a brand new rail transit information living style.