TVM equipment and monitoring and management system

TVM equipment and monitoring management system ("TSDC") is composed of a central computer and a plurality of personal computer user interfaces, which performs online monitoring and equipment control and management functions through the network. TVM's local functions and working status can basically achieve centralized management mode through the network remote transmission, control and query, greatly reducing the on-site maintenance workload. The central computer operating system uses the open platform RedhatLinu, six main modules of which include the database (MySQL server 5.6 with MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE), Java and Web application, communication management interface, operational state data management and report analysis.

TSDC TVM achieves the following functions through the station computer connecting to the AFC network:

Collection of LR's TM transactions, UD/AR processing and storage functions; alarm/event handling and storage functions; TVM operation instructions issue.

Implement the following functions through the Web interface application:

User login; TM work status monitoring, TM command issue; alarm receipt / event processing; manual generation of interface files / reports.

System operations include:

User group management, password change, special events configuration, generation of daily interface file/report, backup and restore, clock synchronization, power failure handling.

The operator can monitor and control the TM in LR via the TSDC Terminal application, display information about the current LR TM, including events, status, alarms, data queries, setup parameters, TVM application updates and version management.


The user interface is about the light rail line operation. Different colors represent the operating status of station. When the TVM accident occurs, station will turn red and the operator will open the station TVM layout, as if stand in front of the TVM, look for the type of accident, module mode of operation, command to TVM for further information, query the software version number, or restore the operational status via instructions. TSDC Terminal applications can be installed in the station maintenance team office, operation control center (OCC), station control room to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring.