Second-generation bus AFC system

BII HK has over 20 years of experience in the design and support of the automatic toll collection system. It provides customers with a complete set of solutions for product maintenance, ticketing implementation and business operations. Coupled with perfect after-sales service, it provides accurate and efficient data analysis for bus operation, equipment terminal maintenance management, revenue settlement management, thus improving the overall cost of customer investment.

The system realizes the visibility of the traffic network, predicts the demand for travel through historical data, thereby optimizing the trips capacity and minimizing passenger waiting times, regulating resources to ensure passenger demand and improve ride experience. The three-tier system architecture consists of the following subsystems:

Bus Depot Computer (BDC), located in the bus factory depot, is the vehicle equipment interface, providing data transmission and viewing functions. It runs on Oracle Solaris (Unix) operating system, cooperating with the company's own automated monitoring program to ensure that the system can stay in long-term stable operation. It is also a web server, so that the user can easily view connection and transmission status through the network monitoring equipment without the use of specific terminal equipment.

It features mature and reliable form of TTP protocol, leverages on WiFi wireless network to download and collect transaction data and parameters. The system can simultaneously exchange data with 16 bus equipment without manual start. Transmission results can be monitored through the web page graphical interface, which will also be stored in the log for future problem analysis if necessary.

The station computer BDC sets a local MySQL database to save the downloaded original transaction data which can be used for statement analysis and review with the central computer.

The central computer (Service Provider Central Computer- SPCC), located in headquarter of the bus company, is a powerful computer, which can process large amounts of data non-stop. The central computer connects to each station computer using the network, aggregates all transaction data and completes the settlement within thirty minutes after the end of the trading day and the system is automatically connected to the clearing center for clearance.

As with the station computer, the central computer uses a mature and stable Oracle Solaris operating system for data storage with Oracle 12c database. In addition to the transaction data, the device setup parameters are also entered and stored by the central computer. The system provides customers with a clear report analysis function that provides information on passenger and system management.

In addition to maintaining the stability of the system, with the development of customer business and the emergence of new technology, we will work closely with customers, follow customer needs to develop more features and constantly improve the optimization system to meet customer needs.