AFC service (ACC / MLC / AFC / TPU)

AFC system is the most frequently used professional systems for subway passengers. The equipment and systems manufacturing, integration, commissioning and maintenance of quality are related to the security of daily operation of subway. AFC business is one of our core businesses. Since its inception, our company has completed self-independent design research and development, owned independent intellectual property rights with the products fully tested by the market covering the complete AFC business chain, including:

Traffic (city)-level AFC clearing center (including real-time simulated clearing model subsystem)

Multi-line shared AFC multiple LC systems (MLC, dealing with multiple operating subject pattern)

Standardized SC system software

Standardized SLE equipment, key modules and system software

Standardized ticket reader (TPU)

Complete internet + development solutions, systems and equipment
In Beijing where lines are in large quantity, traffic applications are complex and integrators and equipment manufacturers gather, our company have assisted the owners to successfully prepare and implement the standardization work of AFC complete business chain, including ACC, MLC, SC, SLE (software and key modules), interface of various levels including TPU, the application software and key module components to achieve the standardization objectives of interoperability and mutual compatibility, hereby greatly improving the traffic AFC professional business flexibility and reducing the complexity of equipment renovation and maintenance.

At the same time, our company cooperates with the implementation of standard specifications and builds AFC testing center supporting the standard specifications for the owners of the unit. In addition to the establishment of a basic standard compliance access mechanism, in the new line AFC construction, we undertake an important testing work of sample machine, equipment integration and interconnection.

Based on these experiences, our company's expertise in AFC is the customization and implementation of the overall standard specification, the development and production of AFC systems and equipment that meet the requirements of standardization, as well as the outstanding new line engineering implementation and existing line transformation capabilities.