BII Transportation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and BII Transit Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are the domestic subsidiaries of BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (BIITT). The Company is an industrial enterprise engaged in the urban rail transit, setting the technology research and development, intelligent rail transit as well as line operations and maintenance in one.

At present, the company’s industrial development pattern has formed, with the AFC automatic fare collection system, the PIS passenger information system, the PSD shield door, informatization and operation and maintenance as the core 

Upholding the objective of realizing the networked and standardized operation of the Beijing rail transit system, the company undertakes the subway informatization engineering construction under the support of BII Company and relevant units, and provides the technical services like the standard system planning, preparation of specifications and system operation and maintenance. With the development of the Beijing Subway, the company also completed transforming from a single system integrator to a diversified business entity providing technical services including management consulting, core software, equipment research and development and engineering implementation.