Operation Maintenance Work of PIS with BII-TTBJ Is Recognized by the Owner

2017/7/5 2626

PIS system operation maintenance project of Lines 14 and 16 in Beijing MTR is the first PIS system operation maintenance project successfully bidden by the Company. For the Company's PIS business, it is a change from the construction to the maintenance, and the focus of the PIS maintenance project is how to do a good job in personnel management. To this end, by drawing on the experience of Beijing MTR Company in IT department management methods and ACC, TCC operation and maintenance project work, combined with the actual situation, the Company has done the following work: developing the staff management system and inspection manual; specifying fault collection channels, reportage mechanisms, fault handling processes; setting up PIS fault knowledge bases; providing all-round guarantee for maintenance from aspects of system and management.

 In Beijing Metro Line 14, the distribution of stations is scattered, while there are strict requirements for operation maintenance of PIS with MTR Corporation. So this is a difficult point in the PIS system maintenance project. The Company’s PIS business sector breaks with tradition and develops a set of automated inspection software applicable to PIS operation and maintenance in Line 14. On the basis of manual inspection, this set of software can promptly detect problems through technical technical means, thereby overcoming the disadvantages (e.g.,scattered geographic distribution of stations with PIS system, and difficulty for the manual inspection means to find faults), giving better stability to PIS system, and providing stable subway information.  

 After more than a month of efforts, the PIS maintenance team’s work is recognized by the owner, laying a good foundation for more work of PIS maintenance in the future.