The Company Organized Safety Inspection

2017/7/5 2394

Recently, to further implement the requirements of the State Council and Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd (see Safe Production Month document), Civil Communications Division of CCRTT as a leader was with Operation Management Dept and Information Development Ltd to carry out safety inspection on civil communication equipment room at West Diaoyutai Station of Phase II with Line 10.

Inspectors made detailed examination on the equipment room layout, equipment operation, and fire-fight equipment, asked questions to on-site maintenance personnel with regard to equipment specifications, emergency disposal and so forth, and gave specific guidance. The inspection team required on-site maintenance personnel to strictly abide by the safety production regulations, improve the relevant system processes, conscientiously implement daily safety inspection regulations, regularly record the operation of equipment, implement the production responsibility system to ensure safe production control, regularly do emergency drills to improve the ability to disposal in emergency.

This safety inspection further eliminated the hidden safety risks from project production, and improved the safety awareness for front-line staffs. Moreover, through this safety inspection, the rectification was carried out, thereby effectively promoting the implementation of the responsibility for safe production.