CCRTT Held First Session of New Staff Introduction Training in 2017

2017/6/30 3307


To promote new staff’s comprehensive understanding of history, business philosophy, organizational structure, rules and regulations and corporate culture of CCRTT, and let new staff quickly adapt to the new environment, this training was held in No.30908 Conference Room of JINGTOU Building on June 29, 2017, which was presided over by Zhao Jingyuan deputy general manager. CEO Xuan Jing attended it and delivered a speech among more than trainees.

CEO Xuan Jing expressed her welcome to trainees, then starting from the origin and development of the Company, she talked about the huge role of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd in promoting the development of CCRTT in business field and business model etc. The introduction to current main business, profit model, future business development model and direction made the trainees to have a clear understanding.

In the speech, CEO Xuan put forward the following requirements to new staffs: First, new staffs should be familiar with their work and the Company’s environment, colleagues, rules and regulations, and adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible. Second, new staffs should adhere to the corporate spirit, abide by the Company's norms, rules and regulations, and do a good job on their post. Third, exploration and innovation. Every employee should have a sense of crisis, and in the face of rapid market development, offer advice and suggestions.

Next, each department, basing on its own function and responsibility, made a detailed introduction to the Company's basic situation, business, management systems, work processes and so forth, so that new employees had an in-depth understanding of the Company.

This training made employees to deeply understand the management philosophy, corporate culture, and so forth of CCRTT, and further enhance the staff's sense of belonging and responsibility. People at CCRTT stride forwards under the corporate blueprint mapped by the corporate leadership, while the corporate development is rapid. The training achieved the desired effect.