Debut of CCRTT in 2017 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition

2017/6/21 4219




General Manager Hao Weiya of Beijing Infrastructure Investment inspected the exhibition booth and gave instructions.


Deputy General Manager Guan Jifa of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. (Mr. Guan also is Chairman of CCRTT) was in the exhibition booth

In this exhibition, CCRTT highlighted its line network command center system, large data platform system, passenger information system, standard card reader system and mobile ticket machine etc. A numb of exhibitors and visitors were strongly interested in them, carrying the full consultation and exchange with the exhibition staff. Leaders of subway companies in Qingdao, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Suzhou and so forth also visited this booth for a detailed understanding on the line network command center system’s passenger flow monitoring, information dissemination, information group and emergency command and other functions as well as the large data subway energy consumption platform system, giving full recognition on technical superiority and product quality from CCRTT.


This exhibition attracted great attention of employees in the Group. During the 3-day visit, there were nearly 150 people x times. Through this exhibition, the staffs' sense of belonging and pride was enhanced, and they were inspired to work with more full of enthusiasm, in order to contribute to the better future of CCRTT.