Reprinted from the Beijing Daily - Expected to Be in and out of Station in Beijing Subway Airport Line

2017/6/21 4077

June 21, 2017, 07:52 Source: Beijing Daily

Original Title: Expected to Be in and out of Station in Airport Line

(Reporter Cao Zheng) 2017 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition was held recently, with the debut of equipment from Beijing. CCRTT has developed the third- generation standard readers used in subway gate machines. Through them, the mobile phone can be used in payment when being in and out of the subway station. This equipment has been installed and debugged in the Beijing Airport Line. It is expected to be put into use before the end of the year .

At present, in Beijing Metro, passengers go in and out of the station mainly through using the one-way ticket or Metro Card at the gate. But with the mobile phone used in more fields, can it be used in going in and out of the subway station? In this rail transit exhibition, the third-generation standard readers of CCRTT, although smaller than a book in size, attracted attention from lots of people, because this equipment can achieve mobile phone payments in the subway station.

"Scanning equipment can achieve payment function by scanning a code through WeChat, Alipay and etc." Technical commissioning staff from CCRTT told the reporter. In fact, in addition to code-scan payment, this third-generation standard reader can achieve NFC payment. With mobile phones, passengers can successfully pass through the subway gates.

 Citizens of Beijing are expected to soon be able to experience this equipment using the mobile phone in payment. This technical staff revealed that the equipment had been installed in the station of Beijing subway airport line and now was being debugged, and that it was expected to be used before the year end. "However, final operation time of it needs to be determined by the subway operation department." He said.

At present, the ticket price of the Beijing subway airport line is 25 yuan, which is not calculated by mileage. For non-mileage price calculation, can this equipment be installed in the station of other lines in Beijing Metro in the future? From the design point of view, it is feasible. "Whether it is a fixed price or price calculated by mileage, two swipes are required on gate equipment to complete the entry and exit."  This technical staff made an operating demonstration. For example, If a passenger is from West Bureau Station to SIHUI Station, the reader system can calculate the ticket fee in 1 second, which will be deducted through the mobile phone at exit. In addition, from the design point of view, this system can deduct the ticket fee after exit, thereby being convenient for passengers.

(Editors: Yin Xingyun, Bao Congying)