CCRTT: The First General Branch of the Party Setup and General Branch Committee Election Meeting

2017/6/12 5248


On the afternoon of June 12, 2017, with the loud and clear national anthem reverberating, this meeting was held at the 9th floor conference room of JINGTOU Building. Twenty-one official Party members, six mobile Party members, activists and leaders of BIITT attended the meeting. These leaders included Zhang Jie deputy party secretary & chairman of trade union, Guan Jifa deputy general manager and chairman of CCRTT, Xu Lixin director of party committee organization dept and party-masses working dept, and other leaders from the party committee organization dept, and capital operation dept so forth. The conference was chaired by Zhao Jingyuan deputy general manager of CCRTT.

Comrade Xuan Jing chief executive officer of CCRTT reported to the participating party members on the preparations for the conference. Participants elected members of general branch of the Party in BIITT by secret ballot. These member of general branch were Xuan Jing, Zhao Jingyuan, Hao Yan, Zhang Jianxun, and Li Chuanfang. At the meeting, Chairman Guan and Secretary Zhang delivered an important speech, respectively, which is in connection with the development of CCRTT. 


On the basis of the current situation of domestic market and actuality of CCRTT, Chairman Guan put forward specific requirements for the development of CCRTT from the perspective of importance and necessity of strengthening the party's construction. He pointed out that BIITT's city rail traffic businesses gradually depended and extended with more areas involved, so there are more reasons to strengthen the party's leadership, play the party's political advantage. It is an inherent requirement and important guarantee to do a good job in the development of BIITT. He stressed that CCRTT will continue to explore the business opportunities in cooperation with other provinces and cities on the basis of project promotion and technology research and development; continue to accelerate investment and construction of civil communication assets for new lines of Beijing; further expand the scope of subway civil communications services; pay close attention to the development trends in the field of civilian communications; seize opportunities of rapid development of China's rail transit-related fields; focus on the future development space in urban intelligent transportation; through the establishment of subway tech companies with the operating company, create a market-oriented operation platform. It is believed that under the leadership and support of the Party of BIITT and under the leadership of its first party branch, the staffs will be able to better complete the construction tasks through tech development, transformation and innovation, and all aspects of Party building work.


Zhang Jie secretary made an important speech in the meeting. He fully affirmed the achievements of CCRTT in recent years, and pointed out that the establishment of the party branch was the beginning of political life with CCRTT, and that the establishment of party organizations was a necessary organizational basis and behavior basis for enterprises and party members not to forget where they are from. He asked the party general branch of CCRTT to focus on the following aspects: First, the connection role is played. It is necessary to establish a management channel playing a connection role and effectively put the party building, strategy and operation so forth into the strategic framework of BIITT. Second, the escorting role is played. It is necessary to effectively play the core role of the party organization and the political core, specify the legal status of the party organization and embed the party organization into the corporate governance structure as well as the party's leadership into a corporate process, namely, decision-making, implementation and supervision. Third, the role of cohesion is played. The party branch shall, through ideological and political learning and grassroots party activities and other means, effectively lift the staff's spirit and improve public morals. Fourth, do a good job in anti-corruption. It is necessary to abide by the instructions from the higher authorities and higher-level party committees, strengthen the awareness of strict compliance with regulations of the party, implement the relevant responsibility, improve the party's building (including discipline and regulations so forth), and establish a good work style of party members and cadres.


After the party members general meeting, the first party branch held the first meeting to discuss and consider the duties of the party branch and members, elect Comrade Xuan Jing as the party branch secretary and Comrade Zhao Jingyuan as the deputy secretary of the party branch.