Screened or Shielded Door System of First Station in Beijing Metro Line 2 Constructed by BII-TSHK Was Put into Use on June 10

2017/6/12 5011

At 5:10am, June 10, 2017. Tick, Tick, Tick ... As prompt tones occur, the screened door of Xizhimen Station slowly opened, marking that this door was officially put into use in Xizhimen Station as the first station of Beijing Metro Line 2. In order to ensure that the normal operation of the screened door does not encounter any problems, CCRTT's deputy general manager Liu Yu and PSD business director Liu Jinhui did not have a rest, instead, led relevant personnel to be on duty in the traffic peak, thus ensuring the normal operation of screened door.


 Beijing Metro Line 2 Screen Door is the last project in which semi-high screen doors are installed among lines already into operation. BII-TSHK of CCRTT was responsible for provisions of equipment (from fields of screen doors, communications and signals) as well as installation project management, involving a total of 18 stations and a control center, a total of 864 screen doors in the entire line. From May 10, 2010, BII-TSHK entered the construction site and set up a project team for integrated management. All staffs worked conscientiously, diligently, overtime, and attached importance to safety, quality, and schedule in construction. From June 10, 2017, the pilot work was made on opening and closing doors via manual operation PSL. It is expected to complete all the construction on September 30, 2017.


Before operation, deputy general manager Liu Yu accompanied the leadership of the operating company to be in the debugging site in morning.


In response to the ever-changing domestic rail transit market, the Company adopts the strategy to develop the market through domestic & localized products and continues to spend more efforts on independent R and D. The currently successful projects also include security doors of Metro Line 10 (Phase II), screen doors in Metro Line 13 and Metro Line 14, and station doors of Magnetic Levitation S1. In the face of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as well as rapid development of the national rail transportation market, the Company seizes the opportunity to fully develop the market, and intends to expand the application fields from the rail transit to BRT bus and high-speed rail platform and others, in order to promote the development of the Company.