Chengdu Metro COCC Implemented By BII ERG Would Be Put Into Use At The End of 2017

2017/6/8 5910


On the morning of June 7, 2017, there was an emergency simulation exercise in COCC, Cuijiadian Station, Line 7 Chengdu Metro. A total of 25 provincial and municipal media participated in and reported the activity. There was scenario simulation - power supply failure in the Metro line 4 from Caotangbeilu Station to Xihe Station. When the COCC general center on duty got on the emergency warning call, they commanded field dispatchers to take emergency measures.

Chengdu Metro COCC Project started in 2016. It was jointly implemented by CCRTT’s subsidiary - BII ERG and Shanghai Baoxin as a complex. In accordance with the principle of responsible for owners and protecting metro safe operation, our company created the shortest record of this kind of project implementation cycles under the leadership of Chengdu Metro Group, including the preparation of relevant standards, design and development of COCC emergency command and dispatch system platform, professional processing analysis of line access data, large-screen data visual design display and so on. Currently, the arrival of equipment and installation has been completed and main system access of opened Lines 1-4 has been phased completed. Recently, Line 7 and Line 10 system access and debugging work have been complemented and planned to complete joint debugging and on-line simulation at the end of June, 2017. It would be put into use with Line 7 at the end of 2017.


The system of urban railway transportation COCC has been called “the strongest brain”, which could command and monitor metro operation, including subway running, passenger flow change, power supply, station equipment operation, disaster prevention alarm, environmental monitoring, ticket management and passenger service. The system of Chengdu Metro COCC is powerful and intelligent. It only needs a staff of 6 people to manipulate, coordinate entire line, deploy internal and external resources and publish information, and can start the rescue mechanism in the first time. The COCC system can be accessed to the opening 9 lines before 2020. It’s capable to access 15 lines and long-term expected to be expanded to 23 lines.

In addition to Chengdu COCC project, the company undertook Beijing railway transportation TCC 2nd phase project construction. This system is the earliest one to satisfy the needs of network operation business, which is based on information as platform, making business needs as guidance, meeting Beijing metro network planning and network operation and management as core construction. The 2nd phase project completely overturned 1st phase’s construction idea, so that to make it become the brain of Beijing urban railway transportation’s network operation. The 2nd phase project was official launched in Sept. 2012, and put into use in 2013. Beijing COCC Project is the first case in domestic urban railway transportation industry, with a strong practical and guiding value.