Clarifying Direction, Summoning up Drive, Promoting Mission

2018/1/30 894

- General Party Branch of BII Technology Company Organizes the Watching of Beijing TV Special Program of Two Sessions 

“After watching Chairman Tian Zhenqing’s interview, we have a more clarified direction of our work, stronger drive and sense of mission.”

“As a BII staff, under the leadership of Beijing Municipality and BII Company, we steadily push forward the construction of urban rail transit lines and eventually achieve the operational goal of networking and standardization of Beijing’s rail transit system.”

At noon on January 25, after watching the special program of the two sessions of Beijing TV, Comrade Tian Zhenqing, Party Secretary and Chairman of BII, accepted an interview with reporters. Party members and cadres from BII showed their support.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, as the rail transit enterprise of the capital, BII has actively implemented the people-centered service concept and has provided two “high-quality services” in important strategies and services for the good life of citizens. In recent years, it has been focusing on the important position of the capital in national strategy, strengthening the self-construction of enterprises, further planning and building rail transit, optimizing the existing wire network, providing more better services for traffic control and convenient travel of Beijing citizens.


 (Text / Photo General party branch of BII Technology Company)