General Branch of BII Technology Company Organized Subbranches to Carry out Warning Education

2018/2/6 843

Recently, general branch of BII Technology Company organized the first and second party subbranches to hold meetings of all the party members respectively, and conduct education by watching warning educational films. All the party members and activists of the subbranches attended the symposium.

This study selected common corruption cases which are closely linked with our work and life from the “Warnings”, including “Corruption on the tongue”, “Ignore trifle and cause big blunders, rely on luck and future ruined” and “Learn loosely and result in mistakes”. It focused on typical violations, such as misappropriate use of public funds for personal purpose, off-hours drunk driving and organization of staff travelling without permission, and analyzed the transformation trace of the violators’ thought by means of playing back the case, deregulation treating, and issue focusing.

In the symposium, based upon the actual work, the party members, cadres and activists expressed their feelings and experiences. They indicated that as state-owned enterprise cadres and workers, we must earnestly enhance the awareness of party rules and regulations to prevent “Formalism, Bureaucracy, Hedonism and Extravagance” from rebounding. The general branch of BII Technology Company required all subbranches to continuously strengthen their warning education. The party members and cadres should learn from the lessons, enhance awareness of discipline, strengthen responsibility realization, and turn the disciplines and rules into conscious behaviors.



(Text/Photo CPC General Branch of BII Technology Company)