BII Technology Company Held The 2017 Work Summary and Commendation Conference

2018/2/7 1901


On February 6, BII Technology Company held the 2017 work summary and commendation conference on which the 2017 annual work summary and the 2018 annual work plan of various departments were debriefed and the advanced collectives, advanced middle-level cadres and outstanding employees were commended.

Xuan Jing, secretary of the general party branch and chief executive officer made a speech. Vice presidents Liu Yu, Liu Zhongliang, Zhao Jingyuan, director Wang Yongtian attended the conference. Li Zejiang, Li Hengze from BII Capital Operation Department were also invited to attend the conference. 

Xuan Jing pointed out that the past 2017 marked a milestone in the development history of the company. With the correct leadership of the BII company and the joint efforts of all our colleagues, the ideological and political building has been carried out in a down-to-earth manner. The business performance has been steadily improved, the management system has been gradually improved, the service support capability has been continuously strengthened and the social reputation of the company has been further enhanced to form stable and favorable trend of development and fulfill the work tasks assigned by the board of directors at the beginning of the year. Many advanced collectives and individuals who played a vanguard and exemplary role and made outstanding contributions in the business development emerged. They fully demonstrated the company's determination and ability to do big things, make major achievements and dare to fight tough fights. In the coming year, the collectives and individuals who received recognition were expected to stay modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, and always maintain the spirit of being energetic. They were expected to set foot on a new starting point, set new goals, make new achievements and new contributions.

Xuan Jing stressed that in 2018, the company would face even greater challenges in its development. It is necessary to continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and fully carry out the theme activities of "keeping the original intention and the mission in mind" and maintain a high degree of ideological, political and operational consistency with the party central committee. We should firmly grasp the golden period of the development of rail transit and the historic opportunity of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, accurately grasp the connotation and extension of the development of rail transit in the new era, scientifically plan and carefully deploy the work in 2018 to further strengthen the sales and engineering work levels and enhance R & D, operation and maintenance research and development capabilities, enhance management services performance, so that the company can be taken to the newer development platform and achieve a higher realm of development.

Xuan Jing required that the company should follow the advanced collectives and individuals who have received recognition, adapt itself to the new normal and create a new situation, make joint efforts to promote better and faster development of the company and make efforts to realize the sharing of rail transit transportation information civilization at the same pace with the society.