Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, Visited The Leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation, and Inspected and Guided the COCC Project of Chengdu Metro

2017/5/17 3983

12th May, Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, led related person in charge of BII’s two subsidiaries – CCRTT and Jiuzhouyigui to visit the leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation. Rao Yong, the Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Metro Corporation gave a warm welcome to Chairman Guan and his party. And the people in charge of operation and construction of Chengdu Metro Corporation participated in the meeting.

The two sides communicated with each on the industrial structure, the development of respective business, and discussed in depth focusing on cooperation and joint of specific projects between each. They agreed that a deep, multi-field, all-around cooperation would be further carried out.


 Then, Chairman Guan, accompanied by Liu Yu, the deputy general manager of CCRTT and others, inspected and guided the COCC Project, which has been implemented in Chengdu Metro by CCRTT. The COCC Project team reported to Chairman Guan in details on the project operation and current problems. Chairman Guan gave full recognition to COCC Project, and said that, all staff in COCC Project should comply with scientific construction and delicacy management, so as to establish the brand and image of CCRTT. They should provide qualitied and efficient services to owners with win-win cooperation, reputation first, responsibility and serving society as business purpose, thus, to create good economic and social benefits for the company!