Core Technology Products of BIITT Showed on INNOTRANS 2018

2018/9/18 1430

From September 18 to 21, 2018, INNOTRANS 2018, which lasted four days, was kicked off in Berlin, Germany. BIITT presented its latest products and technologies, comprehensively demonstrating the group’s strategic concept and project vision, and introducing core technology products, services and integrated solutions.

INNOTRANS, as the largest, most important and comprehensive exhibition of railway and rail transit industry achievements in the world, aims to provide an all-round and diversified display platform for manufacturers and enterprises of the whole industry chain in the field of urban rail transit all over the world. The exhibition covers an area of more than 150,000 square meters, with nearly 33 exhibition halls in 25 venues occupying all indoor and outdoor venues in Messe Berlin, attracting 2,980 exhibitors from 55 countries. There are 174 exhibitors from China. As an exhibitor in this event, it is the first time for BIITT to go abroad and participate in a large international event.

The blue and white color tone of BIITT exhibition area was elegant and tasteful, and had a strong sense of science and technology. The company’s automatic face recognition AFC machine and the first energy consumption system platform in China were all debuted in the international market for the first time, attracting an endless stream of visitors. Everyone stopped to listen to the introduction of products by the technicians, actively experienced the subway ticket gate on site, and tried VR interaction equipment to enjoy immersion experience of a variety of travel scenarios.

During the exhibition, Zhang Yanyou, Chairman of BIITT led a team to the exhibition booth, listened to the all-round introduction by the on-site technicians, personally experienced the face recognition ticket gate-passing, and gave affirmation and encouragement to the core technology products of BIITT.




In this exhibition, whether it was exhibition display, comprehensive promotion, or intensive docking talks, negotiation and business exchanges in the next three days, BIITT not only implemented “going out” of domestic core technology products to the international exhibition platform, attracting more enterprises at home and abroad, also strived for “introducing” in the future, to have a profound insight into the forward trend of the industry development. It aimed to vigorously absorb, draw lessons from and integrate international advanced technologies to continuously inject new impetus to the company, enhance its core competitiveness and continuously expand domestic and foreign markets.