Chairman Guan Jifa and His Team of BIITT Conducted Research and Study in BII - TSHK

2017/3/31 2247

On March 28 and 29, 2017, a research and study was conducted in BII - TSHK by Chairman of Board of Directors Guan Jifa, Chief Executive Officer Xuan Jing, Chief Financial Officer Wang Xinjiang, Deputy General Manager Liu Yu from BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CRRTT" or "Group") .

In the course of research and study, BII - TSHK’s General Manager Tan Shenliang was with his colleagues (including the technical director, hardware system manager, software system manager and other R & D team supervisors) to make a detailed report on the follows: BII - TSHK’s automatic fare collection system operating conditions, future technical R & D directions, and potential market competitors analysis and etc. Then, Chairman Guan’s team visited its technical R & D and system testing labs and conducted the full communication and exchange in cross-regional R & D cooperation, business development and collaboration between Beijing and Hong Kong. Finally, Mr. Guan expressed his affirmation with its management model and accurate measurement system and pointed out three points as follows: First, the Group shall further strengthen the business communication and technical exchanges between BII - TSHK and subsidiaries of mainland China, fully support the business development of BII -TSHK, and actively expand the business cooperation with the MTR; Second, BII -TSHK shall be included in the Group's control system, make full use of the advantages of the Group, and with shareholders’ resources, achieve leapfrog development. Third, Combine low labor cost advantages of mainland China and Hong Kong's technological talent to achieve the synergistic effect, try to adopt the globalization strategy, jointly expand domestic and foreign markets, and provide a guarantee for the Group's sustainable development.

This research and study is a good start for in-depth exchange and sources integration within the Group. In the future, business and technical exchanges will be continuously carried out between Beijing and Hong Kong, in order to promote the Group’s further coordination in the direction of strategic development, rationally plan business development areas, fully tap the potential of technological innovation, and guarantee the Group's more comprehensive development in overall business.