BIITT at Berlin - Core Technology Attracted Attention

2018/9/21 1369

With the grand opening of INNOTRANS 2018, a series of products with core independent intellectual property rights, such as face recognition AFC machine, metro energy consumption big data platform and rail transit network command system, which are the core products of BIITT (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), attracted extensive attention from leaders and exhibitors. Because of the network emergent command system and the big data platform of energy consumption statistical analysis, the company has become one of the few vendors to launch platform software products based on big data analysis in the exhibition.

The big data platform statistical analysis of metro energy consumption developed by BIITT can bring 1-3% energy saving benefits for the enterprises every year, with considerable benefits. Zhang Yanyou, Chairman of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., inquired in details about the functions of the big data platform, and the value and assistance it brings to the enterprises in the process of application. Tian Kexin, General Manager of the Information Business Department of the company, made a detailed report and explanation to Chairman Zhang.


Xu Anxiong, Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Metro Operating Company, also visited the booth on the first day, to learn about the technical parameters and application scenarios of the face recognition ticket gate. He pointed out that Chengdu metro had also conducted in-depth researches on the application of face recognition. Both sides fully exchanged and discussed the application scenarios of 1:n mode of face recognition in metro, including how to solve the problem of face recognition accuracy under the condition of super-large sample size and the problem of face recognition credit payment. With an open and cooperative attitude, BIITT welcomes exchanges and cooperation, as well as technology sharing with owners at home and abroad.


More reports about BIITT at INNOTRANS are coming soon!