BIITT at Berlin -Image Recognition Experience

2018/9/26 1363

The 12th INNOTRANS (2018) held in Berlin, Germany successfully ended. The VR experience area of BIITT (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and the self-designed face recognition for card making and face recognition for entry fully demonstrated the technological charm of the company’s products to the visitors, and left a deep impression on the experiencers.


Face recognition for card-making/registration equipment captures the target image through an external camera. The card-making/registration equipment varies with the different mode settings. The target image is written into the identity authentication card by the reader for 1:1 identity authentication, or directly written into the small identification database for 1:N identification. Subsequently, the target person can enter by implementing face authentication or direct face recognition. The face recognition entry system is currently set at 1:1 authentication mode and 1:N identification mode, which can be freely switched. At 1:1 authentication mode, the experiencer swipes the card, and the face information is taken with the camera, and then he/she can enter after successfully validates with the photos in the card. At 1:N identification mode, the face information of experiencer is taken directly by the camera, and compared with the background data to get the identity before entering. The 1:1 authentication mode of the company will be applied in some first-tier cities in China. The small data experience mode of 1:N identification mode has been completed, and large-scale data scenario application test will be carried out in the exhibition hall of the company. The facial recognition equipment of the company left a deep impression for visitors from many countries.