[State-owned Enterprise Open Day] Citizens Visit to Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd and Its Command Center

2017/6/12 10106

In order to setup a good image of state-own enterprises and show their positive energy. The Second Capital State-owned Enterprise Open Day was officially kicked off on June 10, 2017, which was jointly sponsored by Beijing Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Beijing's Civilization Construction Office, Beijing Municipal SASAC, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Beijing Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, the State Council SASAC News Center and other units. Its theme is: Celebrating the Upcoming 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China and Coming to New State-owned Enterprises. 


Today, more than 100 capital state-owned enterprises opened their doors and invited the citizens, experts, media people, and students to make a visit, so as to feel the great changes in state-owned enterprises.


Beijing Rail Transit Command Center as an important window for the display of capital rail transit construction, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd. to serve the capital, serve the public and community, was listed as No.24 Visit Line for the public. A total of more than 150 citizens from East Lake Street and Asian Games Village Community made a visit to the Command Center. 


First of all, with great interest, they came to Beijing Rail Transit Road Network Planning and Command Center: seeing a model sand table and pictures in the exhibition hall. From the instructor, they understood the rail transit network planning, construction and development of Beijing, profile of this command center, and relevant main system functions.

Then, they came to the hall in floor 4 and watched a TV documentary of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd. entitled Brilliant Ten Years to Make the City Better, so having an intuitive understanding on its development and innovation results in past more than 10 years. Finally, visitors overlooked Dispatch Hall of Beijing Rail Transit Command Center (Phase I). The instructor introduced the operation of the rail transit network, main functions of the command center and its important role played in network operation management, and answered relevant questions from visitors.


Through this visit, citizen could personally get a feel for Beijing subway, understand the investment, construction and development achievements in urban rail transit in Beijing, and further understand and support Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd, thus promoting this company to better serve Beijing and its citizens and play a more positive role to promote capital rail transit construction and development.


Beijing Rail Transit Road Network Management Ltd. is mainly responsible for the operation and management of Beijing Rail Transit Command Center, and this management company belongs to Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. The Command Center is currently Asia's largest rail transit command and control center, and also one of the world's intensive, networked, highly automated rail transit command centers. Its functions are below: coordination of operation of the rail transit network, emergency handling, issuance of One-Ticket-for-All cards, fare clearing and so forth.

Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd. is a state-owned sole proprietorship funded by Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which undertakes the investment and financing and management in infrastructure of rail transit, as well as construction of rail transportation equipment and information technology services, land and property development and management, and other resource management and services.

In 2016, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd. made an orderly implementation of Beijing Rail Transit Phase II Construction Plan (2015-2021); started the construction of No.3 Line (Phase I), Batong Line Southward Extension, Changping Line Southward Extension, and Pinggu Line so forth; gradually deepened construction and operation contract management; did a good job in life cycle management of assets. Now, the Company manages 20 subway lines under construction, and 19 subway lines are in operation. Moreover, we actively promoted the innovation of investment and financing in rail transit, creatively proposes the ABO (Authorize - Build - Operate). On April 20, 2016, Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Government formally signed Beijing Rail Transit Licensing Operation Agreement with our company, marking Beijing's rail transit investment and financing system has entered a new stage: authorized operation model.

In 2017, we will continue to follow the requirements of the municipal government, adhere to the new development concept, insist on the overall principal of steady progress, adhere to the development and innovation, and comprehensively strengthen our company's party work and management work, be more confident to overcome difficulties, in order to contribute to building Beijing into an international first-class harmonious and livable capital and building our country into a well-off society!