BIITT Held 2019 Training Course for Middle-level Management

2019/3/6 2163


In order to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges among middle-level management personnel, deepen the understanding of the company’s strategic plan - “one subject, one platform and one center” by the middle-level management team, and enhance the working ability and overall quality of all middle-level management personnel, BIITT conducted a two-day training for middle-level management personnel from February 28 to March 1, 2019, with a total of 25 middle-level management participating in the training, and members of the leadership team also actively participated in the training.

The theme of this training was “Enhance middle-level management ability under the new strategic mode”. Three parts were arranged: experiential sand table simulation, strategic publicizing and implementation of BIITT “New Journey - Reshaping 2021” and group discussion. It adopted group-based communication and learning to enhance the trainees’ understanding of enterprise management, project execution and strategic landing. At the same time, it strengthened team cooperation and promoted the fusion of opinions of various departments to form strong team cohesion.

All trainees actively participated in various trainings. Sand table simulation enabled everyone to view vividly the business development issues from the overall perspective. Strategic publicizing and implementation offered a clearer understanding of the current development situation and future trends, while team discussions enabled them to apply what they had learned and fully demonstrated collective wisdom on the strategic landing method.

At the end of the training, leaders of the company elaborated the company’s strategic landing methods from strategic planning, human resources, financial management, landing initiatives and other aspects, pointed out the direction for the future work of each department. Xuan Jing, the Chief Executive, summarized the mid-level training and fully affirmed the training effect. At the same time, she expressed her expectations by sharing her experience: first, seize opportunities, form core competitiveness, and realize corner overtaking; second, cooperate in teams, work together to explore strategic landing methods; third, implement methods efficiently, learn to persevere and carry out advanced strategies through the end; fourth, pay attention to accumulation, basic work and details.

Through this training, the middle-level management team has a deeper understanding of the group’s strategic planning, and the vitality of team management has been further stimulated. It is believed that we all will achieve mastery through the comprehensive study, proceed with confidence on the new journey, overcome difficulties and make unremitting efforts to make the company an international first-class urban intelligent rail transit leader and system service provider, and compose a chapter of development of BIITT.