Two Companies of BIITT Showed on RT FORUM 2019 Spring

2019/4/14 2627

From April 12 to 13, 2019, the 4th RT FORUM 2019 Spring was held in Shenzhen. Suzhou Huaqi Intelligent, a subsidiary of BIITT, and a Joint Venture NUFRONT, appeared in this exhibition.


Figure 1 Huaqi Intelligent Booth


Figure 2 NUFRONT Booth

With the theme of “Aggregation in Rail Transit, Intelligence Leads the Future”, this conference was broken down into five major fields: “Intelligent Operation and Maintenance and Health Management”, “Operation Management and Informatization”, “Communication Technology”, “Intelligent Security” and “Full Automatic Operation”, which explored the difficulties and pain points in the construction and operation of rail transit vehicles, communication signals, AFC, integrated monitoring, power supply systems and electromechanical equipment, and attracted the joint participation of more than 1000 professionals in the industry.

Han Lijin, Marketing Director of Suzhou Huaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of “Passenger Information, Intelligent Transportation without Driver”, elaborated the research, exploration and practice of Huaqi Intelligent in Passenger Information System (PIS) under unmanned driving scenarios. Han Lijin started with the analysis of the scene requirements, summarized the five major challenges faced by the passenger information system under the unmanned driving scenario, and put forward the solution of “3 enhancements +3 guarantees” to meet the new challenges. The system architecture, service interworking and system performance were thus enhanced and designed to ensure the safety of passengers, train operation and vehicle operation and maintenance. Then he summarized the experience of Huaqi Intelligent in PIS system SIL2 certification, Chengdu Metro Line 9 PIS system, Suzhou Rail Transit Line 5 PIS system and other projects, and put forward the ideas of PIS system in standards and norms, innovative navigation, expert system, intelligent video analysis cloud platform and other aspects. After the speech, a number of owners, design institutes, integrators and other relevant professionals came to Huaqi Intelligent booth for detailed consultation, discussion and technical exchanges. They highly praised that Huaqi Intelligent had been leading the technological exploration in unmanned driving and hoped to conduct more in-depth technical and cooperative exchanges with Huaqi Intelligent technology experts.


Figure 3 Theme speech by Huaqi Intelligent

NUFRONT demonstrated the latest core chips and key device products of its EUHT-5G technology in the field of intelligent rail vehicle-ground wireless communication. Huang Peng, Technical Director of NUFRONT, delivered a theme speech on “Building 1.8GHz+5.8GHz Vehicle-Ground Wireless Communication Dual Network to Accelerate Intelligent Metro Business Development” at the summit forum. He introduced in details the core chips, key technologies, key products and the latest dual-network technology solutions independently developed by EUHT-5G of NUFRONT, as well as the solutions and practical applications in the field of intelligent rail transit, which attracted extensive attention and discussion from many industry professionals, experts and other participants attending the forum. Everyone expressed their heartfelt admiration and surprise at such a core wireless communication technology, which is completely independent of China and leading in the world.


Figure 4 Theme speech by NUFRONT

During the exhibition, Ms. Xuan Jing, Chief Executive of BIITT, led a team to the booth and listened to all-round introduction of on-site technicians, and gave affirmation and encouragement to the core technology products of Suzhou Huaqi Intelligent and NUFRONT.。


Figure 5 BIITT Team at the booth