Zhengzhou Rail Transit ANCC System Purchase Project Launched as Scheduled

2019/5/20 2051

After 6 months of intense development, the Zhengzhou Rail Transit Automatic Fare Collection Network Control Center (ANCC) System Purchase Project (“ANCC Project”) implemented by BII Transportation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“BII-TTBJ” or “the Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (“BIITT”), was officially launched in a trial run today.


As a key project of BII-TTBJ’s first participation in Zhengzhou rail transit engineering and the first cloud-based subway network control center system in China, the ANCC Project represents BII-TTBJ’s successful integration of ACC and MLC, following its leading efforts in LC-MLC evolution, for the transformation from a five-layer AFC architecture to a four-layer AFC architecture. It involves not only unimaginable technical difficulties and unknown obstacles, but also challenges such as an urgent system development deadline and arduous coordination tasks. In addition, Line 5 was also expected to connect to the ANCC system during the system construction, which meant synchronous launching of ANCC and Line 5 on a very tight schedule. 

With the aim of “building the ANCC Project into a benchmark project”, the Company had attached great importance to the project since winning the bid, comprehensively deploying the top technical and project management teams and allocating various internal and external resources to advance the project as planned and complete it on schedule and beyond expectations.

Having reached consensuses on issues such as major milestone deadlines, achievements and realization routes at the beginning of project development, the Company and Zhengzhou Metro respectively conducted resource allocation and business data collection and sorting in the following development phase, which has contributed to the smooth proceeding of project development, management and quality control. In face of the tight schedule and challenging tasks, the project team had been racing against time. The project manager and development and testing technicians stayed at the development site in Zhengzhou, accustomed to overtime work. At the most crucial stage when working overnight became necessary, some technicians even carried heart attack prevention drugs all the time. In the Spring Festival, the key development team members gave up the holidays and started working on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. With such punctuality, integrity and earnestness in work and years of experience in technological development, we managed to strictly stick to the schedule and never lose the initiative.

Throughout project development, apart from active and smooth communication with Zhengzhou Metro, the project team, based on its rich experience in project management, had efficiently allocated internal and external resources to make sure of prompt arrivals and installations of all sorts of hardware/software devices and facilities in the ANCC Project, and coordinated with contractors and operators of existing lines and Line 5 for various joint debugging tests, as a result of which a qualified ANCC Project was launched as scheduled.

Following the trial run of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5, the Zhengzhou Metro ANCC system developed by BII-TTBJ will become a significant transportation guarantee for Zhengzhou residents.