BII-TTBJ of BIITT Wins the Bid for Beijing Rail Transit Line 12 AFC System Equipment Purchase Project

2019/5/23 2474

In May 2019, BII Transportation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“BII-TTBJ” or “the Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (“BIITT”), with its proven technology and extensive experience, successfully won the bid for the Beijing Rail Transit Line 12 Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System Equipment Purchase Project at a price of RMB110,163,496.17, marking a new achievement in the Group’s 2019 market performances.


The Beijing Rail Transit Line 12 Project starts from Wuluqiao South, West Fourth Ring Road in the west and ends at the west entrance of Guanzhuang Road, Dongba in the east, covering Haidian District, Xicheng District, Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District. The main track of Line 12, which is entirely underground, extends to a total length of 29.3km. There are 21 stations, including 15 transfer stations, an outdoor parking lot on the West Fourth Ring Road (Tiancun Parking Lot, located at the same site as the Line 3 parking lot), and a car depot (Dongba Car Depot). The project will be connected to the ACC and MLC systems which have also been developed and built by BII-TTBJ, with a trial run planned for the end of 2020.

The Beijing Rail Transit Line 12 AFC System Equipment Purchase Project involves system designing, interface designing and testing, existing station renovations, design liaison activities, equipment manufacturing, delivery inspection, packaging, supply, transportation, insurance, delivery, warehousing, installation supervision, tests, experiments, tests upon completion, system debugging and experiments, integrative joint debugging, personnel training, supply of spare parts, instruments and tools, safety assessment, preliminary acceptance inspection, final acceptance inspection, trial run, warranty services, etc. 

This success, as BII-TTBJ’s another breakthrough in China’s AFC market in 2019 following the Kunming Rail Transit Line 4 AFC Project, will greatly increase the Company’s domestic market share and enhance its influence in the industry. The Company’s success in winning the bid and subsequent project implementation will bring continuous and positive effects on its future business performances.