Official Opening of Expressway to Beijing Daxing International Airport - An Intelligent Expressway supported by BIITT

2019/7/1 1541

The expressway to Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened on July 1, and the trail operation of mobile payment (QR Code scanning) system of expressway toll built by BIITT was also put into trial operation synchronously. While the mobile payment includes active scanning and passive scanning, it can reduce the interaction process and payment time greatly comparing with the manual tolling.


As the mobile payment system developed by our company supports aggregation payment, the users can pay freely by scanning the codes of WeChat or Alipay, or by Scan. In order to facilitate the smooth passage of different types of vehicles, two kinds of code identification equipment for vehicles of different heights are installed on site. In the future, more applications for mobile payment such as mobile banking service, JD Finance, etc. will be available.


The ITC non-inductive payment system based on license plate recognition was built by our company, and was also deployed in the Expressway to Daxing International Airport. After registering and binding the vehicle information with APP or mini program, the users can pay through license plate recognition and password-free payment channels while using special ITC lanes and realizing non-stop toll collection. Please be noted, the password-free payment channels shall be obtained. The non-inductive payment system is expected to be gradually used and expanded in the Expressway to Daxing International Airport in October this year.

With the opening of mobile payment, non-inductive payment and non-stop toll collection system, our company has laid the foundation for the construction of new payment mode and new technology application of intelligent expressway and assisted to achieve advanced, efficient and convenient “intelligent expressway”.