BIITT Invited to Attend the Series of Events in 2019 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Summit

2019/7/24 1742

On the afternoon of July 24, 2019, Liu Zhongliang, Vice President of BIITT, and Chen Senjiang, Head of Civil Communications Business Department of BIITT, were invited to attend the Sub-forum on “Free-go 5G, Operating the Future - Innovative Application of Urban Rail Civil Communication" in the 2019 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Summit.


On this occasion, many well-known experts in the industry field gather together to discuss and exchange 5G technology evolution and development direction. Mr. Liu Zhongliang, as the host of the open forum on “Free-go 5G, Intelligent enjoyment” organized field experts to conduct a heated discussion on the theme of “How to improve the passengers’ feelings under 5G condition”. The guests present spoke actively to introduce the construction progress of current 5G coverage of the national subway, imagined large flow rate, low delay and large connection of ground-breaking subway scenarios brought by the popularization of 5G technology, and finally predicted the big changes 5G could bring to passengers and subway operations in the future based on intelligent subway, passenger demand, and Internet development.



Mr. Chen Senjiang delivered a keynote speech on "Civil Transmission Solutions for Metros in the Background of 5G", detailing the technology and construction plan of BIITT 5G transmission system, and sharing the construction progress and experience of subway civil communication transmission system of Beijing New Airport Express invested and constructed by BIITT.


With the series of events of the Beijing Metro Trans Exhibition and Summit, exhibitions and summit forums organized by BIITT carefully will also be opened to you. At that time, we will share the outstanding achievements of metro with all walks of life. Please keep attention.