BIITT Invited to Attend the China Urban Rail Transit Expert Academic Forum

2019/7/26 3797

The Session 17 on "China Urban Rail Transit Expert Academic Forum - Promoting the Innovative Development of Intelligent Urban Rail Intelligent Equipment System" for the Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Summit Forum, namely, officially kicked off on July 26, 2019. Many leaders from China Association of Metros, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Changsha Metro Group Co., Ltd. were present and invited to address. Xuan Jing, executive director and CEO of BIITT, was invited to participate in the event and delivered a keynote speech.


Around the theme of “Exploration and Practice of Self-controllable System-wide Security Center for Urban Rail Transit Construction under the New Policy Environment”, Ms. Xuan Jing pointed out that it is in urgent need of systematically addressing the increasingly prominent information security problems in urban rail transit with the rapid improvement of information and intelligence level of urban rail transit. To guarantee the stable, safe and efficient operation of China's urban rail transit system and to effectively strengthen the safeguard measures in the urban rail transit field, it is necessary to create a safe system center based on situational awareness technology in line with the development status of China's urban rail transit, thus gradually improving the network security protection capability under the status of large traffic volume, all-weather and high intensity in China's urban rail transit. 


Ms. Xuan Jing emphasized that transportation helps revitalize the country and safety comes first in traffic. Information security is a cornerstone of infrastructure, as well as a link to technological innovation. All participants were called upon to work together for promoting the construction of China's urban rail transit industry to shape a world-leading situation with fully independent and controllable, secure and credible features.