Uniting Hearts and Gathering Strength for Development and New Chapters, BII-TSHK Successfully Held 2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference and New Year Staff Performance

2020/1/22 1243

On January 17, 2020, the 2019 Annual Summary Commendation Conference and New Year Staff Performance of BII-TSHK were successfully held in Beijing. Nearly 200 people attended the conference, including the group company's leadership team, the main leaders of its affiliated companies, joint-stock companies and holding companies, the staff representatives and the commended personnel.


At the meeting, Xuan Jing, secretary of the company's general Party branch and chief executive officer of the company, made a comprehensive summary of the 2019 work on behalf of the company's general Party branch and the company's management personnel, analyzed the opportunities and challenges in front of the company, clearly laid out the company's key work plans for 2020, made clear the guiding ideology and specific requirements for the work of 2020, which is to continue upgrading the political stance, adhere to the leadership of the Party construction, exert efforts in management, actively bear responsibilities and take the initiative to behave, and work hard to take the party construction and management work to a new level around the strategic theme of "one subject, one platform and one center".


Subsequently, the members of the company's leadership team read out the Decision on Commending 2019 Advanced Collectives, Outstanding Middle-ranking Cadres and Outstanding Personnel Sent Out, Decision on Commending 2019 Outstanding Employees, Decision on Commending 2019 Excellent Safety Production Projects, Decision on Commending 2019 Special Achievements Projects and Decision on the Appointment of 2020 Middle-ranking Cadres of the Company, and awarded honorary certificates to the commended personnel and project representatives.



Comrade Xuan Jing signed the 2020 annual management performance assessment and safety management responsibility agreement with the representatives of the principal responsible persons of the affiliated companies and the representatives of the department responsible persons of the group company to clarify the responsibility indicators and further deepen the reform of the company's management responsibility system.



With the theme of "Chasing Dreams in the New Era and Striving Hard in a New Journey", the Spring Festival staff performance was closely focused on the company's key work and typical events. The melodious songs such as My Heart of China, My Motherland and I and A Loving Family, the witty cross talk, humorous sketches and graceful dancing on the scene fully demonstrated the cultural and artistic level and enterprising spirit of the employees of the company, and witnessed the determination of the company to keep in mind its initial aspiration, stick to its mission, overcome difficulties and make progress on its new journey.


Standing at a new historical starting point, all employees of the company will definitely remember their initial aspiration and mission, take responsibilities and actions with the hard work spirit of seizing every minute, closely focus on the development strategy, vitalize the urban rail transit with intelligent technology, and continue composing a new splendid chapter for the company.