Uniting Hearts and Gathering Strength to Overcome Difficulties, BII-TSHK Donated 1 Million Yuan to Wuhan to Help Prevent and Control the Epidemic

2020/2/5 1310

On February 5, 2020, BII-TSHK donated 1 million yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation to help prevent and control the epidemic, to unite hearts and gather strength with all social circles and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Recently, the pneumonia epidemic caused by COVID-19 is bearing down menacingly. The area of Wuhan city in Hubei province is the high-incidence area of this epidemic. Front-line workers are facing the pressure and challenges of overload operation and lack of goods and materials, dragging the hearts of the people throughout the country. As the only Hong Kong-listed company that is a subsidiary of the Beijing municipal state-owned enterprise-Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., LTD., BII-TSHK has always insisted on fulfilling its social responsibility. In the current critical period of epidemic prevention and control, it tries its utmost to make the funds and materials for epidemic prevention reach the epidemic area nonstop. Through donating to Wuhan Charity Federation, it provides assistance to the front line to fight against the epidemic.

During the epidemic prevention and control, BII-TSHK has actively performed its social responsibilities in various forms. In addition to donating money to epidemic areas, it has always practiced the concept of "people's rail transportation" and has given full play to its safeguarding function in the epidemic. According to the decision-making and deployment of the municipal government and the Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., LTD. In terms of the epidemic prevention and control, it has actively carried out its own prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic meanwhile guaranteeing the operation and maintenance of rail transit. It has made full use of a variety of scientific and technological means, and has taken measures such as information project control and networked mobile office in an all-round way. Under the premise of ensuring the health and safety of employees, it has made every effort to provide service and guarantee for customers in all business, especially effectively ensuring the smooth and safe operation of Beijing Metro Network Control Center, so as to continue effectively playing the key role as "super brain" of Beijing Subway  during the Spring Festival.

Although the epidemic has made us confronted with many challenges at this moment, BII-TSHK has always firmly believed that love cannot be prevented by viruses isolation from transmitting, and there is no mountain that cannot be surmounted with a united heart and mind; that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with joint hands and hearts, and as long as we have firm confidence, unite hearts and gather strength and adopt scientific prevention and control, we will definitely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.