Underground of Changying Station with Metro Line 6 Integration Project Started & Signing Ceremony Was Held

2012/3/5 3420

On December 13, the above-said integration project started and the signing ceremony was held. Beijing Municipal Government’s deputy secretary general Xu Bo, Beijing Key Projects Office’s deputy director Wang Shaoqing, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd’s general manager Tian Zhenqing, vice general managers Bai Yusheng and Li Jianguo, assistant general manager and Land Development Division general manager Guan Yizhong, other leaders of relevant government departments and representatives of both parties attended this signing ceremony.

Covering an area of about 10,000 m2 with a construction scale of about 8,000 m2, this project is an organic link with rail transit site space, municipal road connecting space and large city commercial space in the underground. As an important pilot project, the Land Development Department adhered to the planning and development concept of Unified Planning, Synchronous Investment and Implementation; with the strong support from the municipal government and the relevant departments, gradually solved problems in project setup, planning, and construction so forth, and made a breakthrough. The signing ceremony marked that this project formally entered into the substantive operation phase.

Source: http: //www.bii.com.cn/705-1781-4048.aspx

Date: January 5, 2012