Xizhimen Transport Hub - Mixed Transfer Hall Was Officially Put into Operation

2012/3/5 3026

This mixed type transfer hall is an integrated transport hub that connects Xizhimen Station of subway lines 13, 2, 4, State Railway Beijing North Station and so forth, in which transfers can be easily achieved. Since 2009, the asset company has repeatedly contacted with relevant government departments, State Railway Beijing North Station, subway operating companies and other surrounding units, so as to specify the mixed transfer hall’s operating time, management boundaries, management modes and emergency plans. Concerned units have improved the connection project from this hall to two channels of Metro Line 13, installed the fence door from this hall to State Railway Beijing North Station, and completed descriptions of design functions in this hall so forth. On September 24, the mixed transfer hall officially was put into operation, so achieving the seamless transfer between it and the above-said North Station and providing a more comfortable and convenient transfer environment for passengers.

Source: http://www.bii.com.cn/705-1781-3970.aspx

Date: September 29, 2011