• Operation Maintenance Work of PIS with BII-TTBJ Is Recognized by the Owner

    PIS system operation maintenance project of Lines 14 and 16 in Beijing MTR is the first PIS system operation maintenance project successfully bidden by the Company. For the Company's PIS business, it is a change from the construction to the maintenance, and the focus of the PIS maintenance project is how to do a good job in personnel management.

    2017/7/5 2499

  • The Company Organized Safety Inspection

    Recently, to further implement the requirements of the State Council and Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd (see Safe Production Month document), Civil Communications Division of CCRTT as a leader was with Operation Management Dept and Information Development Ltd to carry out safety inspection on civil communication equipment room at West Diaoyutai Station of Phase II with Line 10.

    2017/7/5 2293

  • CCRTT Held First Session of New Staff Introduction Training in 2017

    To promote new staff’s comprehensive understanding of history, business philosophy, organizational structure, rules and regulations and corporate culture of CCRTT, and let new staff quickly adapt to the new environment, this training was held in No.30908 Conference Room of JINGTOU Building on June 29, 2017, which was presided over by Zhao Jingyuan deputy general manager. CEO Xuan Jing attended it and delivered a speech among more than trainees.

    2017/6/30 3169

  • Reprinted from the Beijing Daily - Expected to Be in and out of Station in Beijing Subway Airport Line

    (Reporter Cao Zheng) 2017 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition was held recently, with the debut of equipment from Beijing. CCRTT has developed the third- generation standard readers used in subway gate machines. Through them, the mobile phone can be used in payment when being in and out of the subway station. This equipment has been installed and debugged in the Beijing Airport Line. It is expected to be put into use before the end of the year .

    2017/6/21 3706

  • Debut of CCRTT in 2017 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition

    The 2017 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition, organized by the China Urban Rail Transit Association, was held at the China International Exhibition Center from 19 to 21 June, with 163 industrial organizations and enterprises from China, Germany and France attending it. Led by Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., CCRTT and its other six brother companies made a grand debut in this exhibition.

    2017/6/21 4068

  • CCRTT: The First General Branch of the Party Setup and General Branch Committee Election Meeting

    On the afternoon of June 12, 2017, with the loud and clear national anthem reverberating, this meeting was held at the 9th floor conference room of JINGTOU Building.

    2017/6/12 5248

  • Screened or Shielded Door System of First Station in Beijing Metro Line 2 Constructed by BII-TSHK Was Put into Use on June 10

    At 5:10am, June 10, 2017. Tick, Tick, Tick ... As prompt tones occur, the screened door of Xizhimen Station slowly opened, marking that this door was officially put into use in Xizhimen Station as the first station of Beijing Metro Line 2. In order to ensure that the normal operation of the screened door does not encounter any problems, CCRTT's deputy general manager Liu Yu and PSD business director Liu Jinhui did not have a rest, instead, led relevant personnel to be on duty in the traffic peak, thus ensuring the normal operation of screened door.

    2017/6/12 4624

  • The Company Organized Supervision and Audition of Quality Management System

    On June 6, 2017, the quality certification audit experts group from CQM carried out the annual supervision and version-transition audit on ISO9001:2015 quality management system from BII-TSBJ. The scope of this supervision and audit includes the operation management dept, personnel administration dept, marketing dept, commerce dept, R & D center, and operation and maintenance center from the Company. A spot check was made on three projects ( such as R & D of unified reader TPU hardware and software, TCC hardware operation and maintenance, Metro Line 7, Metro Line 14, Changba tie-line TCC access), covering all causes of the quality management system certification standards.

    2017/6/8 1560