• [State-owned Enterprise Open Day] Citizens Visit to Beijing Infrastructure Investment Ltd and Its Command Center

    In order to setup a good image of state-own enterprises and show their positive energy. The Second Capital State-owned Enterprise Open Day was officially kicked off on June 10, 2017

    2017/6/12 6163

  • The Company Organized Supervision and Audition of Quality Management System

    On June 6, 2017, the quality certification audit experts group from CQM carried out the annual supervision and version-transition audit on ISO9001:2015 quality management system from BII-TSBJ. The scope of this supervision and audit includes the operation management dept, personnel administration dept, marketing dept, commerce dept, R & D center, and operation and maintenance center from the Company. A spot check was made on three projects ( such as R & D of unified reader TPU hardware and software, TCC hardware operation and maintenance, Metro Line 7, Metro Line 14, Changba tie-line TCC access), covering all causes of the quality management system certification standards.

    2017/6/8 1018

  • Chengdu Metro COCC Implemented By BII ERG Would Be Put Into Use At The End of 2017

    On the morning of June 7, 2017, there was an emergency simulation exercise in COCC, Cuijiadian Station, Line 7 Chengdu Metro. A total of 25 provincial and municipal media participated in and reported the activity. There was scenario simulation - power supply failure in the Metro line 4 from Caotangbeilu Station to Xihe Station. When the COCC general center on duty got on the emergency warning call, they commanded field dispatchers to take emergency measures.

    2017/6/8 4552

  • Knowledge Training of Railway Transportation Safety Production Organized by CCRTT

    In order to conscientiously implement the “Safety Production Month” document spirit of the State Council, Beijing and BII, further strengthen the management level of railway transportation safety production, improve people’s safety production awareness, and promote safety production management work, a knowledge training course in relation to railway transportation safety production had been held by CCRTT in multi-purpose hall, 8/F, BII Building on June 2, 2017.

    2017/6/2 2064

  • Beijing City Metro Officially Acquired Operating Income Rights of the Airport Express Line of the Beijing Subway

    Recently, Beijing City Metro Company Limited (“Beijing City Metro”), a joint venture company held by CCRTT, and Beijing Dongzhimen Airport Express Railway Company Limited entered into an agreement in relation to the transfer of operating income right of the airport express line of the Beijing subway for a period of 30 years (the “Transfer Agreement,” including the operating income rights of airport express line and part floors of the Dongzhimen Aviation Services Building) , which marked Beijing City Metro officially became the operator of Airport express of Beijing subway.

    2017/5/31 2093

  • 2017 Network Operation of Urban Rail Transit’s Initial Operation and Management Innovation Summit Seminar Was Held in Suzhou

    On May 18, 2017, the summit seminar of China Urban Rail Transit Association operation and management professional committee was held in Suzhou, which was organized by Suzhou Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., Ministry of Transport Science Research Institute, and Beijing Zhongcheng Rail Exhibition Ltd. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including representatives of member units of said operation and management professional committee, responsible persons from 44 city rail transit operation companies nationwide, association secretariat and invited VIPs.

    2017/5/26 6202

  • Cooperation between the Police and Company,Together in Harmony!

    On May 16th, 2017, the vice captain of 4th criminal division of Beijing City, Yingkun Hu, and the vice captain criminal division of Fengtai District, Peng Xu, gave a silk banner, which read “Loyal to duty. Enthusiastic Service. Maintaining justice. Together in harmony”, to CCRTT. The CEO of CCRTT, Jing Xuan, gave a very warm welcome to them.

    2017/5/17 2212

  • Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, Visited The Leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation, and Inspected and Guided the COCC Project of Chengdu Metro

    12th May, Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, led related person in charge of BII’s two subsidiaries – CCRTT and Jiuzhouyigui to visit the leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation. Rao Yong, the Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Metro Corporation gave a warm welcome to Chairman Guan and his party. And the people in charge of operation and construction of Chengdu Metro Corporation participated in the meeting.

    2017/5/17 2457