• 2017 Network Operation of Urban Rail Transit’s Initial Operation and Management Innovation Summit Seminar Was Held in Suzhou

    On May 18, 2017, the summit seminar of China Urban Rail Transit Association operation and management professional committee was held in Suzhou, which was organized by Suzhou Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., Ministry of Transport Science Research Institute, and Beijing Zhongcheng Rail Exhibition Ltd. More than 200 people attended the meeting, including representatives of member units of said operation and management professional committee, responsible persons from 44 city rail transit operation companies nationwide, association secretariat and invited VIPs.

    2017/5/26 7914

  • Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, Visited The Leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation, and Inspected and Guided the COCC Project of Chengdu Metro

    12th May, Guan Jifa, the Deputy General Manager of BII and Board Chairman of CCRTT, led related person in charge of BII’s two subsidiaries – CCRTT and Jiuzhouyigui to visit the leadership of Chengdu Metro Corporation. Rao Yong, the Deputy General Manager of Chengdu Metro Corporation gave a warm welcome to Chairman Guan and his party. And the people in charge of operation and construction of Chengdu Metro Corporation participated in the meeting.

    2017/5/17 3982

  • Cooperation between the Police and Company,Together in Harmony!

    On May 16th, 2017, the vice captain of 4th criminal division of Beijing City, Yingkun Hu, and the vice captain criminal division of Fengtai District, Peng Xu, gave a silk banner, which read “Loyal to duty. Enthusiastic Service. Maintaining justice. Together in harmony”, to CCRTT. The CEO of CCRTT, Jing Xuan, gave a very warm welcome to them.

    2017/5/17 2618

  • The Company Organized Safety Inspection

    Recently, Operation Management Dept of the Company led the establishment of inspection team which carried out night construction safety inspection on the screened or shielded door project of Metro Line 2 (Chongwenmen Station). The Company's chief financial officer Wang Xinjiang participated in the safety inspection.

    2017/5/2 1958

  • BII-TSBJ Won A Bid of Production System Operation & Maintenance Services from Beijing Rail Transit Road Network Management Ltd. (2017 - 2019)

    Recently, BII-TSBJ, a subsidiary of CCRTT, won this bid, which includes four sections, namely, ACC application system, ACC / TCC host / network and building, information center system, and test center system.

    2017/4/26 2369

  • CCRTT Organized A Long Walking with All Staffs

    To further enrich the staff's cultural and sports life, promote their physical and mental health, and improve corporate cohesion, a long walking was organized by CCRTT in the afternoon of April 21, 2017. This event took place in the Olympic Forest Park with a theme of Spring Outing, Long Walking, Happy Work, and Healthy Life. All the staffs were passionate participants, who were led by executive director and chief executive officer Xuan Jing and deputy general manager Zhao Jingyuan.

    2017/4/25 2080

  • Chairman Guan Jifa and His Team of BIITT Conducted Research and Study in BII - TSHK

    On March 28 and 29, 2017, a research and study was conducted in BII - TSHK by Chairman of Board of Directors Guan Jifa, Chief Executive Officer Xuan Jing, Chief Financial Officer Wang Xinjiang, Deputy General Manager Liu Yu from BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CRRTT" or "Group") .

    2017/3/31 2246

  • Successful Test of AFC System: Ensuring Smooth Opening of Three New Lines

    Auto fare collection (AFC) system is a passenger-oriented platform that is able to provide barrier-free transfer and One-Ticket-For-All service in the rail transit network of Beijing. Consistency in AFC systems of all lines is an important condition for a new line to be put into operation.

    2017/3/5 7275