chairman's address

  • As the only listed overseas company of the largest infrastructure investment and financing company in Beijing- Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. has the support and leadership of the BII Company in the construction and operation of the Beijing rail transit systems.  With technological innovation and collaborative development as the driving force, the group constantly and comprehensively improves systems, products and service quality and focuses on building China's first-class professional technology and service provider in the rail transit industry in Beijing, Hong Kong and reaching out to the whole country and abroad.

    Looking towards the future of urban rail development, the group will continue to develop in the rail transit industry, accumulating industry experience and expanding the customer base whilst continuing to consolidate its market position. The company is committed to becoming China's leading enterprise in technology and innovative service of the rail transit industry. The Group will grasp policy orientation and industrial development trends down the road and rely on BII Company’s strength, background and close partners to gain a comprehensive grasp of business opportunities in Beijing, Hong Kong, other cities and abroad.We have devoted ourself to become the most comprehensive and largest   supplier   of the   public transit system solutions.   

    In reviewing the past, we are full of joy and affection; looking ahead, we are full of hope and expectations.


    Zhang Yanyou